Reading Comprehension Level 4

Developed by teachers and reading specialists, Reading Comprehension Level 4 is an exciting way to develop reading skills at a Grade 4 to 5 reading level. The program uses 15 fiction and non-fiction stories supported by colorful illustrations and verbal cues. The difficulty of the stories and questions gradually increases as students work through the program. Reading Comprehension Level 4 is a challenging and exciting way to broaden reading, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills.

Targeted Skills

  • Comprehension & Word Meanings
  • Nouns and Verbs
  • Punctuation
  • Syllables
  • Homonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Phonics
  • Synonyms
  • Contractions
  • Base (Root) Words
  • Compound Words
  • Suffixes & Prefixes
  • Plurals
  • Writing Style

Great Mistakes

Story Example:
(15 Stories in Total)

The next time you make a mistake, try not to feel so bad about it! Sometimes mistakes can give us great ideas we’ve never thought about before, or teach us valuable lessons. Let’s have a look at some great mistakes!

Back in 1905 a young boy named Frank Epperson was on his back porch where he was mixing some drink powder with water in a glass. Something grabbed his attention and he went inside, accidentally forgetting about his drink mixture, which still had the spoon left in the glass. Over night, the temperature dropped to a record low and Frank’s drink mixture froze with the spoon’s handle sticking out. In the morning, Frank was able to pick up his frozen drink with the spoon handle. When he was grown up, Frank remembered this mistake and started selling frozen fruity treats on sticks. He originally called his treat “Ep-sicles,” but later changed the name to “Popsicle.” People loved the popsicles and Frank quickly became very rich. Sounds like that was one mistake Frank was probably happy he made.

Another similar story is about a scientist named Percy Lebaron Spencer, who accidentally discovered that microwaves could cook food. While Spencer was visiting a laboratory, he accidentally stood in front of a device called a “magnetron” which shoots out radio waves. He soon discovered that the waves had melted a candy bar that was in his pocket. This gave him a great idea. Next he tried putting some popcorn kernels into a bag in front of the magnetron. Sure enough, the kernels popped up right before his eyes. It was not long before Spencer helped to build the first microwave oven. The microwave oven was a great invention because it cooked food much faster than a normal oven does. And it all came from another great mistake!

Our final accident involves an angry chef in 1853 at a fancy restaurant in the United States. The chef became angry because a picky customer said his French fries were too thick and he didn’t want to eat them. So the chef cut some potatoes even thinner, cooked them up, and sent them out to the unhappy customer. However, the customer continued to complain that the fries were too thick. By this point the chef was becoming very angry and wanted to get even with the unsatisfied customer. So he cut the potatoes as thin as he possibly could, and when he fried them up they didn’t look like French fries at all! Instead, they were very thin and crispy – the world’s first potato chips! Of course the customer loved them and the restaurant began serving them regularly.

It should be clear by now that some great discoveries have come out of some silly mistakes. So next time you make a mistake don’t worry too much about it – you could have stumbled across something fantastic!

Sample Activities

Comprehension What is the main conclusion that the author makes?
1. New inventions need lots of experiments.
2. Mistakes can lead to good ideas or discoveries.
3. You have to be careful in a laboratory.
4. You should always keep customers satisfied.
Characters Which inventor had a bad temper?
Epperson, Spencer or the chef
Cause and Effect Complete each sentence with one word to show the effect of a particular action or event.
Because he cut the potatoes thinly, the chips were --- crisp
Comprehension - True or False Click T for true or F for false beside each statement.
The unsatisfied customer hated potato chips - T or F
Contractions Beside each contraction, type the two words from which it was made.
Press the space bar once to separate the two words.
didn’t --- ___ ___
Possessive Plurals Type the correct possessive form as you complete each exercise in ownership. Press enter after typing each answer.The waves belong to the boat. The _____ waves.
Suffixes Complete each sentence by typing the underlined word in the blank and then adding the correct suffix.
Something done in a similar way was done ______.
Plurals Type the singular form of each of these plural forms.
discoveries - __________
Base Words Type the base (root) word from which each of these words was made.
grabbed - ________
Word Meaning Use each of the list words below to complete the sentences to show that you understand that meanings of those words.
(valuable, stumbled, involves, laboratory, record, similar)
Something that is almost the same is _______.
Language and Phonics Which nine words in this list have a hard “c” that sounds like the “c” in “cat”?
(record, scientist, customer, fantastic, popsicles, fancy, chef, microwaves, continued, discoveries, rich, complain, accidentally)